Event Coverage: Flights of Fancy

Thursday, July 3, 2014

On Saturday June 21st, we held a private concert in the shop at Le Marché. Flights of Fancy, a night of 17th century Italian music, featured performances by Paul Luchkow (violin) and Michael Jarvis (harpsichord) . When I arrived, I walked into Marché in a state of dishevelled beauty. The cafe was still taking orders as Janaki, Pascal and crew made preparations for another one of our lovely collaborations. The church benches that usually find their home outside were being dusted and hustled into the shop. Janaki, who had visited our neighbourhood Italian Nona Rita earlier in the day, had brought back some young roses from her garden and prepared little arrangements to scatter around Le Marché. Our handsome resident Chef Kovic was putting his final touches on bites to be served later that evening. And cutting through this delicate chaos were the harmonious melodies offered by Mr. Jarvis and Mr. Luchkow's instruments. Their impassioned and earnest performance was the centrepiece of the evening filling the ears and hearts of our guests, staff and bystanders with a resonating elegance not soon to be forgotten.

Photographs and words by Luis Valdizon

Sold Out

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Doburoku Making Workshop

Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's really something quite wonderful once you really start to think about it.Two friends: One, a dedicated darkroom photographer (Yoshinori), the other, a humble chef (Koichi) teaching both locals and Marché staff alike the fine points of the beautiful, age-old Japanese tradition of Doburoku making. On the menu for the evening was a dynamic lecture and demonstration exploring farmer style saké and was set on a warm, summery evening in our backyard. The audience, completely captivated by their instructors, were diligently taking note and asking questions, as any good group of pupils would. While they concentrated, the golden sun began to set, the air began to cool, and the backyard chickens made way to their coops to tuck in for the evening. And as an observer, my favourite aspect of it all was being able to witness, as part of the crowd soaked in the secrets of an unfamiliar world unraveling in front of them, that a fraction of the group were treated to an experience that was close to home—and their hearts. The event by Yoshinori and Koichi was culturally rich and endearing, and if it all were to happen again, I truly hope you are able to join us.

Photographs and words by Luis Valdizon

Flights Of Fancy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

We are pleased to announce a Solstice evening at Le Marché. A night of fantastical music from early 17th Century Italy, crostini inspired by Italian summers and maybe a little wine.
Tickets are available Here

Event Coverage: Summer Camp Pop-Up Shop

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

With the opening of our "Summer Camp" Pop-Up shop, we welcome a glorious new season. It was the perfect reason for friends, loved ones and faithful patrons, both new and old, to support a plethora of local entrepreneurs (Patricia Larsen Paintings, Greybelle Designs, Woodlot Candles, Mandula Designs, CP Shades) and the boundless talents held within the old walls of Le Marché St. George (Janaki Larsen Ceramics, Klee Larsen Photos, House of Hudson Jewelry). A warm thank you goes out to everyone who took the time on a most lovely Saturday to drop by. The strength of our shop is rooted deeply in its community, and it is a privilege for us to open up our doors and share with you a little slice of our lives and hearts every now and again. Perhaps, however, the greatest privilege of all is bearing witness to the beautiful blossoming of the passionate people that are changing the face of our wonderful city. It's these times that reminds us of how vigorously we love and are loved. If you haven't had the opportunity to make it down, we encourage you to visit. We're open until June 8th.

Photographs and words by Luis Valdizon